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Dubrovnic and its islands (historic itinerary)

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Saturday - Slano harbour
Slano is a village rich in history situated in a 2-kilometer bay not far from Dubrovnik. The area offers a wealth of beautiful bays and beaches, both sandy and rocky.

You will board the catamaran at the ACI Marina in Slano where your Skipper will welcome you, show you the boat and explain the rules for your safety. You will decide how to stock the galley and complete all the check-in formalities. After a special welcome aperitivo organized by the crew, and a dinner on board, you will stay overnight in your cabins, ready for your first day’s sailing tomorrow.

Sunday - Beach of Sunj and the Island of Kolocep
The first stop of the vacation will be the beach of Sunj, on the island of Lopud in an area sheltered from the wind and thus excellent for mooring the catamaran. After a swim and a little relaxation, we sail to Kolocep (in Italian Calamotta), a small island belonging to the Elaphite archipelago. Kolocep is characterized by its mild Mediterranean climate with almost 250 days of sunshine a year, rich vegetation, sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

Kolocep is known for its fishing (especially lobster and shrimp) and coral harvesting. It is not unusual for its inhabitants to spend evenings fishing from the shore. If the tide allows, you can visit the enchanting Plava Spilja or blue grotto.

Monday - Dubrovnik
The day will be spent visiting Dubrovnik (historically “Ragusa”), one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities which, with its light stone buildings, stand out against the dark blue sea it stands beside. You can walk along the city’s imposing walls – almost two kilometers – which were built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. From here, you can admire the old city from above, with its historic streets and buildings, which have enjoyed renewed fame in recent years as they were used for shooting scenes of “The Throne of Swords”.

We recommend you take your time enjoying your visit as the city really offers a very wide artistic panorama and spectacular views. You can also take the cable car that takes you to the top of Mount Srđ to take in its breathtaking view.

If you would like to dine in the city, your Skipper will be delighted to recommend some of the more traditional restaurants.

Tuesday - Island of Lokrum (Lacroma) or the Citrus Fruit Isle
Lokrum is a small island just to the south of Dubrovnik, still unspoiled and rich in vegetation, particularly citrus fruit trees. In the 1960s, it was designated a Nature Reserve and a Special Tree Reserve. Here you can visit the Botanical Gardens and, in the southern area, the 10 m-deep brackish ‘dead’ pond.

Right in the heart of the greenery and dating from the twelfth century stands a former Benedictine Monastery which was closed during the Napoleonic occupation and later became private property. Today the monastery, like the whole island, is part of a protected nature park. If you follow the walking trails, you will come to Fort Royal, a small star-shaped castle built by the French in 1808 from where you can take in a beautiful front view of Dubrovnik.

Wednesday - Cavtat Bay
Cavtat is an ancient town built on a woody hill of Mediterranean evergreen pine and cypress. The coast is low and has sandy beaches, and now also hosts fine hotels.

Founded as a Roman and then a Greek settlement as attested to by many archaeological findings, Cavtat still vaunts important palaces and monuments, dating from the Renaissance period instead. To mention only a selection of those worth visiting, these include the Rector’s Palace and St. Nicholas Church, and the Franciscan Monastery and Church of the Virgin Mary.

Thursday - Zaton Bay
Zaton is a small tourist resort overlooking the bay of the same name. Here too, the sea and greenery set a wonderful scene.

Its history dates back to the Bronze Age (4,000 years ago) and, if you would like to disembark for a tour, we recommend visiting the ancient church of St. Nicholas (built in the late eleventh century), the Kaštelina tower (build in the late sixteenth century by Venetians as a defense against the Turks), the relics of the boats and graves of the Liburni people (ancient maritime people of the first millennium BC), and earth mounds.

Friday - Sudurad Harbour - Island of Sipan
Sudurad harbour is on the largest island of the Elaphite archipelago: the island of Sipan. The isle is surrounded by several smaller islands and is renowned not only for its many coves for anchoring in, but also for its crystal-clear waters and rich fishing. The land is very fertile with many olive, vine and fig plantations.

Here too, there is no lack of history, with about thirty small churches dating back to the Middle Ages (although some are in ruins) and a Renaissance castle that stands near Sudurad harbour. Here you will also find the Pakljena Tower dating from 1529, and the Church of the Holy Spirit, known for its flat roof.

Saturday - Slano harbour
On this day, you will return to Slano harbour to deal with the check-out formalities and prepare to leave the sea and return to the mainland.


CHANGES TO ITINERARIES: The itineraries may be subject to changes without notice for technical and/or weather reasons.

MEALS ON BOARD: During your vacation, breakfast will be eaten on board the catamaran while lunch, dinner and aperitifs will be decided on a case-by-case basis with the Skipper. Depending on the location, you can therefore choose whether to eat on board or enjoy the local fare on land.


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