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Our destinations

Oltremare Tour Mediterraneo Croazia Nord

Croatia North Itinerary

We sail to visit the island of Mljet, its bays and the national park.

Oltremare Tour Mediterraneo Croazia Sud

Croatia South Itinerary

A historical itinerary to Dubrovnic and its islands.

Oltremare Tour Mediterraneo Venezia


A weekend of fun and good food to experience Venice and its lagoon from a wholly new perspective!

The Captain’s few simple rules

Off with your shoes! You must go barefoot on board the catamaran, while we recommend you also bring a pair of clean and comfortable low-heel shoes to wear for your safety when the deck is wet. To avoid damage to the boat, your shoes must have white soles.

Order! For the safety of the guests and crew and to enjoy all the spaces to the best, everyone is expected keep the boat as clean and tidy as possible.

If you want your children to enjoy the magical adventure of sailing, remember that they too must comply with the rules the Skipper gives on board. For example, during maneuvers you will be asked to remain seated. Remember too that your children are always under your responsibility.

If you are not a good swimmer, you must notify the Skipper so he can take the necessary measures for your safety. Also, tell him if you are taking medication for particular medical issues (eg. insulin), or if you have allergies to any food or insect bites, for example.

oltremare yachting tour Mediterraneo

What to wear / What to bring / Useful tips

Bring clothes that are as comfortable as possible for seafaring:

  • A wind vest or a waxed jacket;
  • Pullovers
  • High-protection suntan lotion

As mentioned, the catamaran does not rock like a monohull and your Skipper is always on hand to help you, however, if you know you suffer from sea sickness or think you may suffer, please let him know when boarding. Also remember to bring any appropriate medicines with you.

You can bring your own scuba diving equipment with you. We do however ask you to notify us when booking so as to organize appropriate on-board stowage space.

Your galley

Our Skippers are keen chefs and they’re sure to have some tasty surprises for you!

Before setting sail, the galley will be stocked with essentials and, together with guests, before leaving you will decide on what to buy for the trip according to everyone’s preferences. We want to cater to the needs of vegetarians or those with food intolerances, so that all can enjoy their vacations to the full. If anyone in your group has any special needs, please let us know them when booking.

The beauty of sailing is also about sharing, so you can decide to work together in making the meals or, if you prefer a cruise of absolute relaxation, you can book on request a hostess who will prepare meals with the Skipper and reorder the cabins and common areas once a day.
And if you want to have a barbecue, we have one of those too!

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Barefoot on deck

Organize your special event or private celebration

Tell us about your needs and we’ll do our utmost to cater to them!